BWP 006: “Getting Wet with Roseanne”

The best podcast in the history of the Utah is back! I couldn’t find a guest so I had to settle for Marty! He wasn’t as bad as I expected but he was still pretty bad.

We tried to riff on Roseanne and Stormy Daniels and other current event bullshit but it quickly dissolved into free-flowing banter and other nonsense. There’s still a lot of great content though! A lot of it is really bad but I’d say about 30% of it is really good! Greg Orme made a special text message cameo, and even though he’s two states away, I still managed to spend a good 15 minutes blasting Sascha Blume and his poor decision making skills.

I’m sorry it’s been so long since you’ve heard an episode of BWP but as you know, I lost my recording device after getting romantically involved with this weird hippy lady and she distracted me and I left my recorder on top of my car.