OUR 039: “Steve Schmall & Comedy Writer Doug O. Perkins”

  http://earwholemedia.com/wp-content/audio/ol-ute-radio/OUR_Ep039.mp3 Johnny McKeon and Sascha Blume talk about an appearance made by the Utah Jazz Dancers to promote Cancer Awareness. Johnny shares his experiences having to move his hoarder parents. Sascha Blume talks about his upcoming move and how he has done nothing to prepare for it. Sascha has a run in with the […]

OUR 035: “Chris Holifield of I am Salt Lake Podcast”

Ol’ Ute Radio with Johnny McKeon and Sascha Blume starts out wrapping up another successful charity hair salon event called, “Cuts for the Cure”. This charity event has continued to raise funds to promote cancer awareness and Sascha summarizes the event rather nicely. Johnny breaks the news to Sascha that the Twerking girl viral video […]

OUR 033: “Jared Shipley & Christopher Stephenson”

http://utahpodcastnetwork.com/wp-content/audio/ol-ute-radio/OUR_Ep033.mp3 Jared Shipley is a local actor and writer. A graduate of the American Musical and Dramatic Academy in New York City, Jared has appeared in the film “The Yankles,” which is available on Netflix and will be seen in the upcoming film “Point B” at the Salt Lake City Film Festival on September 29th. […]