“Patio,” stopped by The Salt Lake Soundcheck Sunday…January, 27th 2019! Hear two live acoustic songs by “Patio” in the Studio.

Find out their celebrity crushes and who would end up getting eaten in order to survive on a desert island! Check out Patio’s album “Furniture” and support The Salt Lake Local Music Scene and The Salt Lake Soundcheck and Thanks to Utah Podcast Network.com”

The Salt Lake Soundcheck Playlist 01.27.19
(Highlighted Songs are Featured in Podcast)

Patio – Heavyweight
The Krew – To Hell With You
Patio – Keep It Down (Live Acoustic, Patio in Studio)
Late Night Savior – Photograph
Patio – Crave (Live Acoustic, Patio in Studio)
Hooga – Shadowplay
Patio – Sappy