CAMP JACKY 035: “Dear Jacky, You Are Loved?”

Dear Jacky, You Are Loved?

When Jacky is double-crossed by half the pod-casters in town, a dark revelation is made about his past.

Is Jacky a player in the bedroom and in the studio?!

Can a man consider a person’s request to do his podcast a sexual advance, or is it just good business? All questions will be answered.

All love will be made. All wounds will be healed. Camp Jacky is also rumored, at least for this episode of the sage, to be releasing a line of brand new products including, but not exclusive to, the Columbine Bow!

In other notes, are their combined efforts enough to prevent the Second Coming of Jesus Christ?!

Witness this bonanza of laughter, pleasure, release, and most of all, the return of Jackson Banks to mainstream American Radio.  America’s sweetheart dons the mic once again, to the applause of all races, creeds, and demographics. Witness it.

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