TONY PARKS 019: “Steve Klauke, Part 2”

Steve Klauke joined Tony Parks to discuss the funny story of meeting his wife back in Illinois, becoming a White Sox fan on the North Side, the career he would have if he wasn’t broadcasting and the craziest fight anyone has ever seen at the ballpark. 00:00 Becoming a baseball fan and a White […]

TONY PARKS 017: “Riley Jensen”

Riley Jensen joined Tony Parks to dive deep into Aggie football.  Hear what Riley has to say about the two types of Aggie fans, concerns after ’19, the evaluation of Jordan Love going forward, and why the Aggies can bounce back in ’20. 02:00 Wife was a star of a sports video that went […]

TONY PARKS 016: “Utah – 1st Decade In The Pac 12”

Tony Parks takes you through a summary and evaluation of the Utes in their first decade (9 seasons) since being members of the Pac 12 and he gives you some deeper background knowledge about the journey of John Madsen. 01:18 Lifting the Curtain – John Madsen 12:25 Utah in the Pac 12 – Summary and […]

TONY PARKS 015: “1st Step To Winning Is Eliminating Losing & Excuses”

Tony Parks takes you deep into the recent years of the BYU football program and why blame has been incorrectly assigned when examining some of their shortcomings. 02:04 Lifting the Curtain – Accidentally offending Lavell Edwards 07:17 BYU football – Validity of most popular takes and complaints 13:18 1st step to winning is eliminating […]

TONY PARKS 014: “Sports Bring People Into Proximity, But It Takes More To Bring Us Together”

Tony Parks takes you through a funny moment with Dave Chappelle on actual 3rd street when lifting the curtain and talks about why Donovan Mitchell’s message must be an immediate wake-up call for those who still don’t get it. 02:50 Father’s Day thoughts 05:25 Lifting the curtain (3rd street w/Dave Chappelle) 19:52 Donovan Mitchell

CRE8TIVITY 097: “SONDERimmersive”

Utah’s new immersive & COVID safe experience Through Yonder Window debuted last week in a parking garage at The Gateway! This week, we sat down with the Artist Director of SONDERimmersive, Graham Brown! We chatted about it’s development, growing up in Maryland, his career as a choreographer, his collaborations with previous Your Cre8tivity guests SACKERSON […]

TONY PARKS 012: “Scalley & NBA Return”

Tony Parks discusses the situation with Morgan Scalley’s suspension, the variety of performance levels we might see when the NBA returns next month and lifting the curtain about a behind the scenes moment from the greatest individual college basketball performance in the history of the state. 02:24 Lifting the Curtain – The motivator that sparked […]

THE ARCHIVE: “Trayvon Martin’s Mother, Ms. Sybrina Fulton”

On February 26th, 2012 Trayvon Martin was walking home when he was fatally shot by George Zimmerman, the neighborhood watch volunteer. Trayvon was visiting his father and walked through a neighborhood that had been recently victimized by robberies to get some candy and soda from the market. Zimmerman followed Trayvon after calling the Sanford Police for […]