AREA 52 088: “A Stair Case”

On December 9th, 2001, Kathleen Peterson was found at the bottom of a staircase surrounded by a shocking amount of her own blood. Her husband, Michael, claimed she fell while drunk, but investigators, witnesses and common sense all leaned towards there being a lot more to this incident. This insane case was the subject of […]

CRE8TIVITY 050: “2018 Fan X Salt Lake”

Once again Your Creativity has returned to 2018 FAN X SALT LAKE (The event formerly known as Salt Lake Comic Con, Thanks San Diego)! This year’s event had many of our past guests and friends participating (Evermore, Kat Martin, Matt Mattson, Pumpkin Nights & more)! It was a blast to see them all! For the podcast, Dylan spoke with actor-director BRANDO EATON (Showtime’s […]