Area 52 presents : “Con-Spears-acy Theories”

She is the Princess of Pop.
America’s Sweetheart.
Beloved by millions.
And weird as hell!

Seriously, what in the actual F is going on with Britney Spears?!?

From her crazy Instagram videos with their unintelligible, rambling  captions, to her highly suspect “wedding” pics and lack of public appearances since being released from her conservatorship, there’s no denying something is going on with Britney, but what?!? And why?!? Is it just about controlling all of her assets, or could it be something more nefarious?

Has she been cloned? Is she being played by doubles? Are her posts just deepfakes and AI? Or is she just a super private person who doesn’t do talk shows or control her own social media? Join us on this special episode as we discuss the many wild, but somehow totally still believable conspiracy theories surrounding Britney Spears!