AREA 52 099.5: “Cvlt Following”

We live in a crazy world, and many people are looking for something bigger than themselves to help it all make sense. Unfortunately for some, they never discover the answers they are looking for, and end up just finding more questions, and oftentimes, even pain, by finding their way into a cult. This week, we revisit the disturbing world of NXIVM with the help of the new series, “The Vow”, and examine the insane control that organizations like this have over their followers, as well as the series “I’ll Be Gone In The Dark”, which documents the unbelievable hunt for, and ultimate capture of, the infamous Golden State Killer, and the toll it took on all those involved. We also discuss the many crazy events that have happened globally over the last few months, take a look at the theory that certain celebrities and members of the elite have been cloned and replaced, and the disturbing reasons why, and look directly into Project Looking Glass, an alleged device that was possibly used to predict the future years ago, and why some think it could be back in use again today. Enjoy!