CRE8TIVITY 187: “Ernie O’Donnell Returns”

Ernie O’Donnell returns to the podcast to chat about SModcastle Cinemas! Ernie grew up going to this theater with his friend Kevin Smith and now they are owners and partners there! Dylan is joined by You Cre8tivity alumni and film critic Valerie Cameron to talk about films, the theater experience, theater seats and more! Ernie tells us about the amazing events thathave happened and will happen there! We even get a few insights on Kevins new film, 4:30 Movie! The lights are turning down, the curtain is opening – Enjoy!

SModcastle Cinemas: Website | Facebook | Instagram
SModcastle Film Festival: Website | Instagram

Recorded: January 29, 2024 (via Zoom)
Hosts: Dylan MazziottiValerie Cameron