STUBBSCAST: “Marc Maron”

Marc Maron & Me, Conversating. Marc Maron is blowing up–and it is about time. Marc has appeared on all the late night shows….Letterman, Conan, Ferguson, Fallon, Comedy Central, HBO…..He is widely respected by comics and can be intimidating. Marc has a way about him. SOCIAL MEDIA: IMDb | Instagram | Twitter | Wikipedia WTF […]

STUBBSCAST: “Harland Williams”

Harland Is Really Famous. I first must say I am a huge fan Harland Williams. Harland is a movie star, he writes books, has a successful podcast called The Harland Highway and is a terrific stand-up comic. Harland is as nice a person as you would hope he would be. SOCIAL MEDIA Website | IMDb […]

STUBBSCAST: “Ben Bailey”

Ben Bailey is a comedian & Emmy award winner. He moved to LA to act, ended up doing comedy and now hosts the popular game show Cash Cab. He is a big dude, he is really funny, very original & a little intimidating. I like Ben Bailey. Enjoy this short little podcast. SOCIAL MEDIA […]

STUBBSCAST: “Jimmy Pardo”

Between the show podcast with Jimmy Pardo Jimmy Pardo has been seen on Comedy Central and is Conan’s opening act every night on TBS. Jimmy is an absolute comedy pro! Jimmy is also the host of the wildy popular Never Not Funny podcast. I listen to Jimmy’s podcast regularly and I am a fan! […]

STUBBSCAST: “Bruce Baum”

StubbsCast, Volume ONE with comedian Bruce Baum. This podcast took forever to get posted. I am jumping into the podcast world. A big thank you to all the great broadcasters and podcasters for being there. Here it goes… Bruce Baum is a comedy veteran of many, many years. SOCIAL MEDIA Website | Facebook | IMDb | Instagram […]