OTHER 030: “Rob & Heidi”

Rob & Heidi are both local business owners, entrepreneurs with a passion for mental health that drives all of their initiatives. Focusing especially on the mental health of the youth growing up in Utah. Assisting those to unlearn shame, build emotional regulation skills, and find a sense of belonging. Between workbooks for children and parents to process tough feelings together through coregulation, providing safe spaces for kids to find themselves, books on financial literacy to assist folks to reduce common stressor, as well as providing a safe space to work out and improve physical health Рthese folks are not to be slept on. Enjoy hearing their stories, and their important work in our state!

Check out HeidiMcNulty.co (@heidimcnulty) and subscribe for her book release on March 28.
Check out Rob Eastman @tattooedlifecoach8 and find his book Warrior in the Garden on Amazon.