AREA 52 095: “Contagious Conspiracies, Part 2”

“Sick Thoughts”

In part 2 of our look into COVID Conspiracies, we dissect the Q theory, which alleges that this lockdown could be part of a massive effort to uninstall a global network of human sex trafficking for the rich and powerful. As we’ve discussed many times, the problem of child abuse has been rumored to exist in Hollywood and Washington for years, but with the recent takedowns of people like Weinstein, Epstein and the NXVIUM cult, could new information be leading to something even bigger? Previously censored search terms have been showing back up online, causing more and more people to start asking questions; all while the suspected celebrities allegedly linked to these terms are plain acting “weird”, with others seeming to have just disappeared. So take a deep breath as we dive into the idea that this virus, and subsequent quarantine, might be the perfect cover for a massive global operation to undo years of unfathomable acts against humanity. Could this be the theory that makes sense of everything, or is it all too good to be true? No matter what’s happening, we hope the best for all of us.