AREA 52 096: “Subliminal Slavery, Part 1”

“Mind Kontrol Ultra”

Following Operation Paperclip in the 1940s, the CIA, working alongside former Nazi scientists, developed multiple operations involving hypnosis, drug testing, and subliminal messaging. Through undisclosed tests on the public, to secretly dosing their own agents with LSD, these procedures gave way to alleged operations that may have taken dark turns into creating actual mind-controlled slaves; Project MK Ultra and Operation Monarch. Rumored to be the puppet masters behind things such as musicians, actors, politicians, and public figures, this shadowy program may not only control everything we see and hear but may also be using systemic ritual abuse to create sex slaves, secret agents, deep military operatives and influencers. So from mind control meltdowns and strange glitches in behavior to survivors telling unbelievable tales of abuse from on high, we discuss the terrifying idea of mind control and how it might be more real than you think if you’re even allowed to think for yourself.