TONY PARKS 020: “Alphonso Anderson”

Alphonso Anderson talks about the experience of the MWC championship run, which early season game prepared them for that moment, when he knew Sam Merril was special and why Utah State’s team and community has been a great fit for him.

03:36 Finding out NCAA tournament was canceled
04:15 Growing up in Tacoma
05:12 Randomly finding out Sonics would be sold
07:24 Favorite player growing up
08:22 Other sport he was great at
11:20 Why USU was a great fit
13:00 Challenge of transition to different level of play
14:34 why Craig smith and staff is special
15:45 The surreal experience of the MWC tournament
16:49 Justin Bean’s impact
18:40 SDSU game had a lot of similarities to a game early in the season
22:00 How that game in Nov prepared them for the MWC championship game
23:55 The moment that he knew Sam Merril was special
26:10 How the mid-season slump shaped the way the season ended.
28:09 What he’s emphasizing during the off season
29:30 The game tape he likes watching and the one that makes him cringe
33:13 First wow moment from Aggie Nation