Area 52 99.99 & 9/10ths : “Discovery+ Us”

We are finally BACK, and have so much to talk about, that there’s no way to explain it all here. So instead, we’d like to talk about the amazing new streaming service, Discovery+! With hundreds of paranormal and true crime documentaries, shows and series, there’s so much to watch and learn! Join us this week as we discuss billionaire sex criminal Peter Nygaard (as seen on Discovery+), the connections between serial killers John Wayne Gacy, Dean Corll and a network of wealthy pedophiles (also featured on Discovery+), and the new limited series “Sasquatch”, which asks the question “Did a Bigfoot really kill those guys?” (available on Hulu, which isn’t Discovery+, but it’s still pretty great.) We also talk about Britney Spears, her strange conservatorship, and then #FreeBritney movement that is bringing her strange and sad existence to light, so sit back, enjoy, and don’t forget to sign up for Discovery+ today! It’s a wonderful service.
(This podcast is not sponsored by Discovery+, but we are totally open to it. Call us.)

Sasquatch: Hulu