SHORT & SWEET: “Promo”

Short & Sweet with Steve Hatch

I have the greatest job in the world. Each day I get to eat some of the greatest confections in the world with some of the most incredible people just like you!

Our backgrounds, and wealth never even matter. Regardless, of our status in life our most impressive bonds within society can be traced to our traditions and values constantly evolving as we write our own journeys in this thing called life.

Truly, I am one of the luckiest people because it is not often we have the opportunity to sit across from complete strangers and find that this seemingly meaningless connection will forever alter our tomorrow’s journey.

All day long I am able to meet people just like you and hear how amazing their journeys have been and the value each of our lives make to influence our community for good.

These incredible stories are all found as we sit across the room with each other simply transporting us into a world of joy as we sip or take a bite of our fine confections.

As we enjoy the wonderful treats, we simply find ourselves forgetting the ills of the world….no stress….no worries….only the sweet warming of our souls can be shared as the world fades away with each moment of bliss.

Short & Sweet is simply a creation to open up the windows of my world to you as I sit down and share a moment with a stranger over sweets, but concluding our conversations as friends.