CRE8TIVITY 150: “Dylan Mazziotti”

Today’s guest is none other than my good friend and founder of Your Cre8tivity, DYLAN MAZZIOTTI. We are joined by Lennon & Sarah Mazziotti to hear more behind the scenes of what makes Dylan tick.

I have had the honor of knowing Dylan a little over 10 years now. I am always surprised how many amazing people this man knows. He knows everyone!!!! He has such a calm presence that everyone enjoys being around him.

Dylan is one of the best graphic artists I know. I’m often begging him to help me come up with a new design or a quick logo for an event. Mazziotti makes it seem so effortless.

Mazziotti will always be found at cosplay festivals. He is a lover of all things fun!!! He is the incredible finder of goat yoga and keyboard letter art. His specialty is finding the next niche thing to hit Utah. We are very lucky to have him as the integral part of Your Cre8tivity!

Mr. Mazziotti: Instagram
Lennon Design, LLC: Instagram