CRE8TIVITY 167: “Mariah Eames”

In this episode, award-winning director, playwright, and props designer MARIAH EAMES joined Dylan to chat about her new project called Do Androids Dream of Electric Friends? which will have a 3-day run on the Dry Bar Comedy stage (this week)! in preparation for its appearance at the Edinburg Fringe Festival later this month!

We also learn about her education at BYU, past projects and her work at Angel Studios.

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When a struggling actor can’t pay rent, she signs herself and her roommate (she won’t mind) up for a fun robot friend project in order to receive a big paycheck. Her engineer roommate is less enthused by the prospect of an AI trial placement invading their privacy in order to “increase EI quotient.”

In this innovative media experience, the audience both explores the virtual world and interacts with the characters as Actor and Engineer work with the AI to question what it means to be human: the good, the bad, and the electric.