DROPPIN DIMES 010: “Life After Hayward…”

Gordon Hayward shook up social media Tuesday when he announced that he was taking his talents to the Boston Celtics. The former forward for the Utah Jazz made the announcement via Twitter through a blog titled “Thank you Utah.” http://lennondesignllc.com/wp-content/audio/droppin-dimes/010-droppindimes.mp3 Ben Dowsett, Deputy Editor for Basketball Insiders joined Episode 10 of Dropping Dimes to discuss […]

DROPPIN DIMES 005: “Just Quit Trip’n”

Who would have thought three Cali kids, who never knew each other, would move out to Utah and get together for episode five of Droppin Dimes? Well, that’s exactly what happened! David “Koz” Kozlowski, Executive Director and Founder of Quit Trip’n, a non-profit charitable organization, joined Sascha Blume and Brittany Johnson to talk about life […]