OUR 055: “The History of Hemp with Dakotah”

In this week’s episode of Ol’ Ute Radio, Sascha and Rebecca begin by chatting about current events on campus and around the Salt Lake City area. Various items in the news are brought up. After talking about state politics and Valentine’s Day, the topic gets a bit scarier as the two spend awhile sharing some information about the recent confession of the young Craigslist killer and sidetracking into more on the history of female serial killers.

Dakota is back for the last hour of the show discussing hemp’s role in our country- both historically and recently- and ventures into the subject of space.

Mitch, who has been mentioned in show’s past and is Rebecca’s significant other, stops by the station and makes his (surprise) on-air debut with a few minutes of chatting with Rebecca, Sascha and Dakota.

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