THE ARCHIVE: “Trayvon Martin’s Mother, Ms. Sybrina Fulton”

On February 26th, 2012 Trayvon Martin was walking home when he was fatally shot by George Zimmerman, the neighborhood watch volunteer. Trayvon was visiting his father and walked through a neighborhood that had been recently victimized by robberies to get some candy and soda from the market. Zimmerman followed Trayvon after calling the Sanford Police for […]

OUR 169: “America’s Worst” ;)

The Show has gone mobile. Johnny McKeon and Sascha Blume use the mobile podcasting rig in the first of hopefully many out of studio shows. Johnny shares with Sascha the results from a recent survey on about the worst jobs in America. Every year uses stats like growth outlook, income, environmental conditions and […]

OUR 168: “Comedian Jacob Leigh”

Comedian Jacob Leigh stops by the studio to hang with Johnny McKeon and Sascha Blume. Leigh has been a mainstay in the local comedy community for years, but has recently become more popular online with his series of viral videos. Leigh credits his recent success to his pursuit of being a more genuine and positive […]

OUR 166: “Confessions of a Mormon Boy, Steven Fales!”

Actor/playwright Steven Fales joins Sascha Blume, Johnny McKeon, and Sarah Isaacson on Ol Ute Radio to discuss his groundbreaking solo play, Confessions of a Mormon Boy. The Play was a hit off-Broadway and in cities all around the world. A sixth generation Mormon, and father of two, Fales details his heartbreaking journey coming out gay, being excommunicated from his […]

OUR 165: “Comedian Dwayne Perkins”

Sascha Blume, Johnny McKeon and Sarah Isaacson start out the show with the announcement that Johnny McKeon no longer works for MIX105.1 in Salt Lake City. Comedian Dwayne Perkins joins the show via telephone to discuss his new film “Dying to Kill” which you can watch on Hulu!He also discusses how he conquered creating a […]

OUR 164: “Concert Photographer, Miguel Mendoza!”

Ol’ Ute Radio with Johnny McKeon, Sascha Blume and Sarah Isaacson welcomes Miguel Mendoza. Miguel is a photographer and owner of Miguel studied Public Relations and Advertising at the University of Utah before discovering his passion and talent for concert photography. He discusses the ethics of Photoshop and the psychological components regarding the manipulation of […]

OUR 163: “The Flume Interviews!”

Johnny Mckeon, Sascha Blume & Wayne Thompson Jr. start out the show talking about Wayne’s new segment on KUTV Channel 2. The conversation turns to the difference in talking on radio versus speaking on television. Wayne explains how the segment came to be, working with Casey Scott and listing all of the other television personalities […]

OUR 162: “Actor Lee Liston”

Actor Lee Liston stops by Ol’ Ute Radio with Johnny McKeon, Sascha Blume & Wayne Thompson Jr. Lee talks about being a little person and how he has found success through acting. Lee explains the audition process, his method for getting into character and acting while in prosthetic makeup. Sascha and Johnny talk about meeting […]

OUR 160: “So U A Boss???”

Ol’ Ute Radio opens with Johnny McKeon and Sascha Blume on the Microphone. No guest this week as Sascha Blume tears into the unprofessionalism in the workplace at one of the prominent media companies that employs him. Johnny McKeon opens up about the wear-and-tear of a toxic work environment, focusing on the toll that media jobs […]