OUR 089: “Michelle Bodkin (Rivals.com)”

Ol Ute Radio’s Episode 89 begins with Sascha and Rebecca discussing what’s going on in Salt Lake City and Sascha’s home garden. Rebecca gives you a peek into her private life as she explains her favorite way to cook zucchini.

The two are happily joined by Michelle Bodkin, writer at utezone.com and intern at Real Sports Live on ABC4. Michelle describes her journey into the world of sports. She touches on many aspects of her work and future goals in the business. Michelle and Rebecca enlighten Sascha on all things heels-related as they play “myth busters” on a few of his preconceptions. The three end the last half of the interview talking Ute sports and the upcoming football season. If you need a debriefing before MUSS season begins, the last 30 minutes is for you!

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