OUR 102: “Steve Soelberg & Michelle Bodkin (Rivals.com)”

My first go around as the Ol’ Ute Radio co-host. It goes without saying that I really didn’t want to screw up. I’d been a guest on the show a handful of times but I still had a decent level of nerves. It’s one thing to rent the car; it’s another to sign the lease. As a comic for the last four years I’m more trusting of my instincts and am constantly looking for a jumping off point. That’s my mindset moving forward on this ride.

Getting to talk to Steve Soelberg is always interesting. He’s a comedian that I’ve considered “the varsity” since I started. I’m glad to be considered one of his peers. When I started comedy Steve was one of the first people to come up to me and say some encouraging words. After a show as everyone was leaving he said to me, “I like your writing”. A small gesture and he might not have even meant it. He could have just been saying it get past me in the hallway. Whatever it was I took it as a bonus. I was glad I talked to Steve a little bit today and hope to go into a deeper conversation in the future.

Here’s the thing about sports. I love them. I’m not one of those fans who blindly cheers at the games. I’m a detail guy. Michelle Bodkin I think is too. Numbers, nuts and bolts, the nitty gritty! That’s the stitching in it all. I think she’s looking for the patterns behind the final score. Needless to say I have more questions for her. The Utah Ute season is still new and best attribute a critic can have is objectivity. I’ll be following along to see how it all shakes down.