OUR 110: “Andy Gold, Christian Pieper & Michelle Bodkin”

It’s come to this. Christian Pieper and Andy Gold join the Ol’ Ute crew for a round of pure untethered, and off the rails banter. Andy tells us his Tinder strategy and Christian lets us know the details on his upcoming comedy show.

If that’s not enough Andy lights the comedy bridge on fire as he engages in full on social media war. These are two of Salt Lake comedy’s Varsity so you gotta be quick with the likes of the C Pipes and Andy G. We get a Marty Archibald update, we hear about Andy’s trip to Tucson, and Christian gives us a teaser of the big names on his Sunday show. Turn this one way up.

The Ute football season is coming to an end but Michelle Bodkin gives us a little hint of the Bowl game hopes and the overall Ute identity as a football team this year. Oh and Christian and Andy sit in with Michelle and go toe to toe with football knowledge and then decide to take the train completely off the rails. How far off the rails you ask, listen to find out because there’s no turning back with this dream team. I guarantee your head won’t be the same. Its scary people you might need to wear a helmet for this one.