JOCKULARITY 026: “Harvey Unga Edition”

Harvey Unga Edition

On this edition of The Jockularity Show, Rick Aaron & Dave Wilbur sit down with Brigham Young University’s all-time leading rusher Harvey Unga to discuss all aspects of his roller coaster career, telling Rick & Dave how he wound up with the Cougars after initially committing to Utah, his unforgettable moments against the Utes and his emotions when his BYU career ended suddenly. Unga goes on to share details about his NFL career with the Chicago Bears, his business endeavors, future NFL hopes, relationship with BYU’s coaches and administration and the current state of Cougar football. Then it’s the odd coincidence of LeBron James & Steph Curry being born at the same hospital, Bossaball and Zorbing in Sport/Not A Sport and a FIFA corruption scandal edition of Tweets of the Week.

Strap on your helmet and chomp down on your mouthpiece because like Harvey, this edition of the Jock Show is hard to stop.