JOCKULARITY 037: “The Name Game” Two guys with four first names (David Wilbur & Rick Aaron) run down the roster of the funniest, most outrageous names in sports from the nicknames of the New Zealand badminton team and Rhode Island School of Design (Go Nads!) to baseball players like Coco Crisp, Shooty Babbitt, Boof Bonser & Biff Pocoroba. Rick […]

JOCKULARITY 036: “Bowlapalooza”

Co-host David Wilbur (@davidwilbur) phones it in as he and Rick Aaron (@RickAaron) discuss the Utes & Cougars seasons and their upcoming Red-Blue Rivalry meeting in the Las Vegas Bowl. They discuss the ridiculousness of the current bowl glut and then proceed to pick the winners of all 41 games from the Cure Bowl to […]

JOCKULARITY 035: “Craig’s List” Rick Aaron welcomes Utah Jazz TV play-by-play announcer Craig Bolerjack to the studio to preview the 2015-16 season and discuss starters Trey Burke, Alec Burks, Gordon Hayward, Derrick Favors and Rudy Gobert plus Head Coach Quin Snyder in depth. Rick & Craig also talk about the entitlement of younger athletes and NBA life in […]

JOCKULARITY 034: “Easy Being Greene” Fresh off covering four college football games in 9 days, KTVX sportscaster Dana Greene joins host Rick Aaron to talk about his Southern California roots, Mangum Mania All after BYU’s back to back miracle finishes against Nebraska & Boise State, Utah’s victories over Michigan and Utah State and who the hell is […]

JOCKULARITY 033: “Frankly Speaking” Former Utah Jazz General Manager and Head Coach Frank Layden joins Rick Aaron and Dave Wilbur in the Jockularity studio to talk about his incredible life and career. Frank takes us from his childhood in Brooklyn, NY to his busy golden years in Salt Lake City, UT and everything in between, including seeing Jackie […]

JOCKULARITY 032: “The Fantasy Greek” On this edition of The Jockularity Show Rick Aaron & Dave Wilbur recap “Jockularity Night” which drew over 8400 fans on a recent Saturday night then delve into a fantasy football draft discussion with Jim Saranteas of who breaks down the top players and sleepers at each position. Then the topic turns to […]

JOCKULARITY 031: “Very Superstitious” On this edition of The Jockularity Show, Rick Aaron & Dave Wilbur get off to a strange start with a discussion of Hulk Hogan’s racial slurs, Dennis Rodman endorsing Donald Trump and Colin Cowherd’s Dominican comments that ended his run at ESPN. Then Dave explains how he was really good at LDS Church Basketball […]

JOCKULARITY 030: “High School Hijinks” On this edition of The Jockularity Show Rick Aaron & Dave Wilbur get the ball rolling with the MLB All Star Game, Home Run Derby and Mike Trout. Then they discuss the upcoming college football season including the Utah Utes, BYU Cougars and the Khaki Bowl matchup between Kyle Whittingham and Jim Harbaugh. Brett […]

JOCKULARITY 029: “Mascot Madness” On this edition of The Jockularity Show,¬†we start off with a bang discussing NFL players Jason Pierre-Paul and CJ Wilson losing fingers in 4th of July fireworks accidents, NBA free agency, Dave’s OCD and women’s sports before tackling the most bizarre college sports nicknames like the Banana Slugs, Geoducks, Fire Ants, Gorlocks, Billikens, Boll […]

JOCKULARITY 028: “Heeeeeere’s Jonny!” On this edition of The Jockularity Show, Rick Aaron and Dave Wilbur catch up with the guy who made “The Catch” former BYU tight end Jonny Harline who fills the boys in on that legendary game winning touchdown from the 2006 Utah game and everything since including his NFL experience, his career-ending injury, rocking […]

JOCKULARITY 027: “Caucasian Heritage Edition” On this edition of The Jockularity Show, Dave Wilbur & Rick Aaron get the ball rolling with the Golden State Warriors winning the 2015 NBA Championship, Pablo Sandoval’s Instagram potty break, does a Tiger shoot in the Woods, Mormon Bryce Harper hating BYU and the most bizarre nicknames in minor league sports. The show […]

JOCKULARITY 026: “Harvey Unga Edition” On this edition of The Jockularity Show, Rick Aaron &¬†Dave Wilbur sit down with¬†Brigham Young University’s all-time leading rusher Harvey Unga to discuss all aspects of his roller coaster career, telling Rick & Dave how he wound up with the Cougars after initially committing to Utah, his unforgettable moments against the Utes and his […]