JOCKULARITY 037: “The Name Game”

Name Game

Two guys with four first names (David Wilbur & Rick Aaron) run down the roster of the funniest, most outrageous names in sports from the nicknames of the New Zealand badminton team and Rhode Island School of Design (Go Nads!) to baseball players like Coco Crisp, Shooty Babbitt, Boof Bonser & Biff Pocoroba.

Rick & Dave also hit the hoops court (Gosh Shammgosh & Kobe’s uncle Chubby), hockey rink (Dick Paradise & Ron Tugnutt), NFL gridiron (Fair Hooker & Rod Rust) and NASCAR track (Dick Trickle).

We Danny Shittu not, before it’s all said and done they mention Ivana Mandic, Jack Sock and South Korean pole vaulter Kim Yoo Suck.

Whether you’re a Dizzy Nutter or a Buzz Nutter, you’ll go Modesto Nuts over this Jockularity Show.