STUPID 019: “Chicken Soup For Your Bong”

In this episode of Stupid Questions with Jason Harvey, Jason is joined by fellow comic and one of his favorite people in the world, NATASHIA MOWER. Natashia just recently won the Arty Award for Best Stand Up Comedian in Utah, and it was definitely well deserved.

This episode puts you right in Natashia and Jason’s apartment, and gives you a glimpse into their friendship. Jason and Natashia get off track and laugh a lot and invite many characters to join the podcast. Don’t miss Douglas Everly, A man what has a mustache on his face, “not Joe Biden”, and Karen Ham Samuel (which is the best name ever) as they jump on the mic. “This was a very silly and fun episode to make. Natashia is always great and is one of the best people ever. Check her out in this episode.


Natashia Mower:
Twitter: @tashiamo
Instagram: @mashiato

Jason Harvey:
Twitter: @jason_harvey
Instagram: @jayharv