STUPID 024: “Let it Blume” with Sascha Blume

Thanks for listening to another episode of Stupid Questions with Jason Harvey. We are approaching our year mark with this podcast. I haven't talked much about the man behind the show, and the whole reason I have this podcast and Sketch Sandwich with Natashia Mower, is because a great man had me on the radio and enjoyed what I did while broadcasting with him. That man is Sascha Blume, one of the hosts of Ol' Ute Radio, founder of EarwholeMedia, and producer of every podcast on the network, SASCHA MOTHER F$%K!N BLUME.  Sascha has been editing the hell out of my podcast and making me sound better for about a year, so I thought no better time to talk to my producer.Check out this episode we shoot the shit, reminisce about past episodes, talk about the future of and laugh.

It was a lot of fun.

Thanks for coming on Sascha and everyone listening!

Sascha Blume:

Twitter: @Mr_Blume, @earwholemedia @oluteradio

Instagram: @Mr.Blume

Jason Harvey:

Twitter: jason_harvey