RMZ stopped by The Salt Lake Soundcheck, July 29th, 2018………RMZ played a couple new songs from his new album coming out in the fall live in the KBER studio.

Find out where RMZ is playing next, Hear those 2 songs performed live in-studio and will Mohawk Rob text Adam Boss that he loves him? and will Adam Boss do another Casey Baird “The Night Rocker” impersonation live in studio on The Salt Lake Soundcheck?……Check it out and support The Salt Lake Local Music Scene and The Salt Lake Soundcheck brought to you by Outlaw Distillery a Local Distillery, check out and Thanks to Utah Podcast

The Salt Lake Soundcheck Playlist 7.29.18

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(Highlighted Songs are Featured in Podcast)
RMZ – Spend The Night
Riding Gravity – Heave Ho
RMZ – Red In Black (Performed Live in Studio)
Penrose – Make You Love Me
RMZ -The Thought (Performed Live in Studio)
LHAW (Life Has A Way) – Prey To The Wolves
RMZ – Hold On