DROPPIN DIMES 025: “NBA Champion Tracy Murray & NFL prospect Tyshon Mosley!”

This week’s podcast featured an all-star lineup. NBA Champion Tracy Murray called into the show and former Utah State Aggie and NFL hopeful Tyshon Mosley stopped by as well. We started off the podcast catching up with Tracy Murray. From working with the Los Angeles Lakers as their shooting coach, to now being an announcer […]

CRE8TIVITY 034: “Wizarding Dayz Returns!”

WIZARDING DAYZ RETURNS! The co-founders of the yearly event, Carrie Rogers-Whitehead  & Valerie Cameron-Walker, return to the Your Cre8tivity podcast to share details about their upcoming event! They also share that the 2nd year of any event is always the hardest! Vendors, panels, giveaways, this event has it all! SOCIAL MEDIA: Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter http://earwholemedia.com/wp-content/audio/your-cre8tivity/creativity_Ep34.mp3 EVENT DETAILS: Dates: […]

ALT-WRONG 001: “Flat-Earth Dome Theory”

In this mostly satirical episode Lauren has acquired the knowledge and basic insights of the Flat Earther’s who believe in the Dome Theory and Elizabeth asks all the questions. Editors Note *** Alt-Wrong tackles questions, facts, myths, misconceptions, fake news, and misinformation in a fun, satirical, sometimes serious fashion. The intent is for a laissez faire […]