SOUNDCHECK 052: “Magda Vega”

Magda Vega stopped by The Salt Lake Soundcheck in the KBER 101 studios. The Cutch (Worst Sidekick Ever) filled in for The Bossman, Hypeman 5000. Find out why the lead singer of Magda Vega is missing from The Soundcheck, Magda Vega’s Ultimate Cover Song and if Magda Vega likes back rubs. Also, find out how many decades the Toasters have been playing and if Corky knows the difference between 40 decades and 4 decades.

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The Salt Lake Soundcheck – Playlist 02.09.2020
(Highlighted Songs are Featured in Podcast)

  • Thunderfist – Suck It
  • Magda Vega – The River
  • Royal Bliss – Paranoid
  • American Hitmen – Trample The Weak
  • Magda Vega – Mr. No
  • The 1-2 Manys – Gotta Get Away
  • Magda Vega – Destroyer