SOUNDCHECK 038: “LHAW (Life Has A Way)”

“LHAW (Life Has A Way),” HiFi Murder and Poonhammer stopped by The Salt Lake Soundcheck Sunday…February, 24th 2019! We played a Soundcheck Exclusive from LHAW called “Who’s The Boss”. Hear what’s going on with all these bands and find out where the Free party is this Saturday!

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The Salt Lake Soundcheck Playlist 02.24.19

(Highlighted Songs are Featured in Podcast)

LHAW (Life Has A Way) – G.F.B.F.U 

Poonhammer – Get Ya

The Sleights – Red Letter Days

HiFi Murder – Bad Intentions

LHAW (Life Has A Way) – Undone

Poonhammer – Rowdy

LHAW (Life Has A Way) – Prey To The Wolves

HiFi Murder – Warzone

LHAW (Life Has A Way) – Who’s The Boss (Soundcheck Exclusive)