SOUNDCHECK 048: “American Hitmen”

American Hitmen stopped by The Salt Lake Soundcheck to kick off 2020’s 1st show of the year! They just got off their Armed Forces tour to the Middle East. Find out their favorite places to play and where you can check them out live in Salt Lake City.

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The Salt Lake Soundcheck – Playlist 01.05.2020

(Highlighted Songs are Featured in Podcast)
American Hitmen – Trample The Weak
Andrew W. Boss – Home
American Hitmen – Freedom In Loss (Performed Live in Soundcheck’s Studio)
Outside Infinity – Dream
Citizen Hypocrisy – Scream
American Hitmen – It’s Never Enought (Peformed Live in Soundcheck’s Studio)
Citizen Soldier – If These Scars Could Speak
American Hitmen – Your Apologies