OUR 147: “Masters of Illusion”

Magician Michael Grandinetti OUR welcomes magician Michael Grandinetti on Episode 147! Many of you might know Grandinetti from his hit TV show: “Masters of Illusion,” on CW 30! Grandinetti shares details about his ‘White House,’ visit and performing magic in front of President Barack Obama! He also discusses the difference between performing for a smaller […]

OUR 145: “G*DS Favorite Seamen…”

Comedians Aaron Orlovitz & Jonathan Falconer! Comedians and newest members of the EarWholeMedia.com, Jonathan Falconer and Aaron Orlovitz join Johnny McKeon and Sascha Blume on Episode 145 of Ol’ Ute Radio! Jonathan and Aaron discuss their new podcast show on the network! Orlovitz reveals his reclaimed virginity and Falconer discusses pharmacology and and his domination on Tinder! […]

OUR 143: “The Value of an Image!”

Brittany Johnson joins Sascha Blume and Johnny McKeon to talk about Donald Trump’s presence in Utah and the impact/intentions of a peaceful protest! The conversation turns to Bernie Sanders and his rally with a turnout of over 14,000 people. Sascha, Johnny, and Brittany debate socialism and education. Wayne Thompson Jr. arrives just in time to […]

OUR 138: “Sun Dancin”

AP Correspondent Allen Mcginnis! The boys embark on the Sundance Film Festival 2016! Johnny and Sascha have a great discussion with Associated Press Correspondent Allen Mcginnis. They discuss the history of Sundance, how Sundance really works! Mcginnis shares his story covering Hurricane Katrina and his understanding of what is content and what is context in […]

OUR 137: “We Hardly Knew Ye”

Comedian Christian Pieper Episode #137 of Ol’ Ute Radio welcomes comedian Christian Pieper as he prepares to leave Salt Lake City, Utah for Los Angeles! Sascha Blume and Pieper talk about past beefs and dealing with in-authentic people in media and the business of SHOW. Pieper explains his perspective on the importance of being an […]