CRE8TIVITY 180: “Natalie Allsup-Edwards”

Natalie Allsup-Edwards grew up in a toy store In an environment of creativity and entrepreneurship and it still shows! She owns multiple businesses (Hand Drawn Photo Booth, Local Artist Sticker Machine) that foster community, connection and sharing art! This is a fun episode!  Please join us! Ebay auction link: Hand Drawn Photo Booth: Website […]

Area 52 presents: “A Whole Buncha Stuff”

After realizing how much more we still had to talk about at the end of our last episode, we decided to get back together to keep the conversation going, and as usual, it got pretty weird. So, join us as we discuss even more Britney Spears craziness, music business conspiracies surrounding moguls like Diddy and […]

Area 52 presents : “Con-Spears-acy Theories”

She is the Princess of Pop. America’s Sweetheart. Beloved by millions. And weird as hell! Seriously, what in the actual F is going on with Britney Spears?!? From her crazy Instagram videos with their unintelligible, rambling  captions, to her highly suspect “wedding” pics and lack of public appearances since being released from her conservatorship, there’s […]


After a bit of a break, Your Cre8tivity is back with an incredible comedian know by two letters JD as well as his moniker @comedyshortbus! We dig into his name, getting into comedy, nurturing his comedy, adventures along the way, the shortbus itself and what is next… Follow JD on Instagram: @comedyshortbus Get your […]

CRE8TIVITY 178: “Parr’s Mobile Mini Golf”

In this new episode, Brandon Davis from Parr’s Mobile Mini Golf joins us to tell us about his “incredible” business! We find out how it all began, learning woodworking to build the holes where the name came from, add-on features, what’s new (full 18 whole course… now available) & what the future holds…! SOCIAL […]

CRE8TIVITY 176: “Fell”

In our new episode, FELL’s Tiera & Jorrien Peterson join Dylan & Terry to chat about graphic design, running a small business, evolving their business, meeting at Utah State, STICKERS! & more! We love their story of being so connected to the great outdoors and how it inspires their great designs! Social Media: Website […]

CRE8TIVITY 175: “Decotron”

Shane Kiel (Episode 053) returns to the podcast to chat with Dylan about his move to Dallas, Texas and what he has been up to since he left Utah around the time of the COVID outbreak to found his new business DECOTRON. We learn about the scope of his projects from large scale art installations […]