OUR 042: “Black Hearts” & Comedian Seth Tippetts

Ol’ Ute Radio with Johnny McKeon and Sascha Blume starts out with Sascha explaining why he hates Halloween and he shares a scary story of his encounter with a toothless witch. Johnny laments on the lack of good costumes for biracial kids in the 1990’s. Sascha tells the tale of the first time he was robbed of his candy and the bad luck he suffers on Halloween and Friday the 13th.


Talk turns to mischievous youth and the shenanigans that come with it. Sascha tells a story about how he forged a letter to his house keeper in order to get her to purchase him a B.B. Gun. Johnny reveals he was not the class clown at his high school because all of his friends were funny. Sascha tells people that his rap group name was “Master G and Master B”. Sascha explains high school baseball to Johnny.


Sascha explains his stance on relationships and love. He shares stories about his former girlfriends and stalkers. The consequences and repercussions of dropping the “L” word too early in a relationship. Johnny explains some of his perspectives on love and relationships.

seth tt

 Comedian Seth Tippits

Standup comedian and old friend Seth Tippits drops by the studio. Seth is a stage actor, student and standup comedian. Seth has opened for some of the finest Standup Comedians to ever perform in Salt Lake City. Seth shares stories of his family, being 6’9 and constantly being the villain on stage. Seth shares his advice for new comics and his writing process and why he loves performing at Wise guys Comedy Club. Seth will be opening for Keith Stubbs at the Scera Center on Nov. 2nd.