OUR 043: “Comedian Legend, Jerry Mabbot”

Ol’ Ute Radio with Johnny McKeon and Sascha Blume starts out with Sascha explaining to Johnny why he doesn’t want to get a Facebook and how important his privacy is to him. Sascha is excited that he is catching up in followers to Johnny McKeon. Sascha sums up K-Ute Internet Radio’s Lunch Box Concert Series and his encounter with a self-righteous vegan rapper.

Johnny McKeon explains how fantasy football has slowly ruined his life, his happiness and friendships. Sascha realizes that working in television has ruined watching pro sports. Johnny has not had to the time or interest to keep up with his favorite team the Boston Celtics. Johnny has difficulty finding the incentive to watch when his favorite team is planning on having a terrible season. Johnny and Sascha debate an article about tips to avoid getting a speeding ticket.

Comedy legend Jerry Mabbot calls into the show. He shares stories from his career starting out at the laugh factory and how he met Wise guys club owner and former guest, Keith Stubbs. He shares the influence that improve has had on his Stand Up comedy. Jerry explains the difficulty and importance of the M.C. in a stand up comedy club. Jerry has been teaching comedy for years and has written multiple books on the subject that are currently available on Amazon. Jerry shares a story about a humbling experience when he opened for comedian, Gilbert Gottfried.


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