OUR 099: “Tindergate”

On episode 99 of Ol’ Ute Radio, your favorite hosts begin the show with some sleuthing. Gumshoe Blume is on the case of Rebecca’s fake Tinder account. After creating a fake account of their own, the two painstakingly swipe left on the app throughout the first part of the show in hopes of finding Rebecca’s stalker’s profile. Though the swipe-session ended unsuccessfully, Gumshoe Blume is still on the case- even offering a prize for anyone interested in clocking some time in on Tinder.
The two go on to discuss whatever the conversation moves to, including big changes coming for OUR and plans for the 100th episode (which is Rebecca’s last episode as co-host). Don’t forget to tune in for the mayhem!
Thank you for listening to Ol’ Ute Radio.