OUR 109: “Jacob Leigh & Michelle Bodkin (Rivals.com)”

What’s going on this week in the Ol’ Ute Studio? Jacob Leigh, that’s what’s going on. He’s headlining Dec. 4 at Wiseguys Comedy Club. The man has a lot to say and he lends us an insight into how he’s progressed from an open mic’er to headlining potential. How he writes and what he hopes for his growth in comedy are on the table. Also Jacob throws down some serious movie knowledge. He’s got the goods when it comes to Pauly Shore flicks and Mrs. Doubtfire. All useful talents but can he handle the wrath of the Movie Grudge match? Will anyone de-throne the long standing leader Jason Harvey? I can tell you this. You need to listen to the man’s ability to nail a classic movie line.

Ok, it’s alright people. Michelle Bodkin is here to nurse us back to good health about the Utes and how the air may have been let out of our dream season but there’s still hope. Hope for a good bowl game and hope to close out the season strong. Maybe they lost a few games but you have to play the whistle and there’s one game left. What’s the prediction for the Colorado match up, will the leaders find the magic again, and where are the Ute’s going for their Bowl game? Also what cartoon character got referenced way too much during last week’s game? Find out sports fans.