OUR 112: “Chris Dowell, Jordan Todd Brown & Michelle Bodkin (Rivals.com)”


The semester is almost up and I’m glad to say we got in a guest I was wanting for a while. If you’ve listened to the show you know we drive deep into the standup comedy world. This week Chris Dowell joins our crew. Chris is a comic who has hit just about every stage, bar, coffee shop, or lounge with a plugged in mic. He shares some of the times he and I spent in the “wild west” days of tough open mics in places that were dark and dingy. Chris has been a staple on the scene the last few years but sometimes he does a little something different in his standup act. That something is a musical element. Chris displays his musical talents on the guitar for us in a most unique way. An original comedy driven singing melody kind of unique way, a must listen if I must say. Chris is a very prepared dude and he gives us insight into how he goes about taking his thoughts and all the steps needed before they make it to a stage. The most interesting thing to me is how an individual makes the funny in their own particular way. Lend your ears to find a little about how Chris puts it all together.


The Utah Ute football season is heading to its major finish. The Las Vegas bowl, that’s the grand finale. On paper the Utes look very strong against Colorado State, but is it just a glorified scrimmage or should we be cautious about loading up our confetti guns? Michelle Bodkin tells fans what they need to know about Colorado St. The Utes have had an up and down season and any other team would be proud of, but this is the PAC-12 and we’ve come to expect more. More in the sense of a solid bowl win. Michelle and her Ute crazy family will be in attendance of the big game. Going to the big game by hitting the road, expect details and find out the dish leading up the final 60 minutes.