STUPID 015: “I’m Really Interested in Happiness”

Conversation w/ Andy Farnsworth

On this episode of Stupid Questions with Jason Harvey, I’m joined in studio with Andy Farnsworth. Andy is in town from New York visiting friends. We were able to catch up with him. We talk about my upcoming Comedy! And Other Opinions show happening Monday August 10th at Club at 50 West (50 West Broadway, SLC). We chat about the differences in the comedy scenes of NYC and SLC.

Andy and I have known each other for years and are comfortable around each other, which lead me to open up and talk more about my depression and suicidal thoughts that I normally would be comfortable talking about openly and putting out publicly. Although it was told in my classic ADD fashion and it is hard for me to stick on topic, I opened up more than I have ever on the podcast and Andy and I were able to talk about some pretty depressing thoughts and feelings all while making each other laugh.

Andy is one of my favorite comedians and people. He’s great and made this episode a lot of fun for me.

Thanks so much for coming on Andy, and Huge thanks to my producer Sascha Blume. Thanks for listening.

Follow Andy on twitter: @bambifransworth