STUPID 028: “Dungeons, Comedy & Other Opinions”

“Dungeons, Comedy & Other Opinions with Nicholas Don Smith”

Nicholas Smith joins Jason at his apartment to talk about the upcoming show they are producing at Sandy Station this Thursday, April 21st at 8pm.

Jason and Nicholas get a little carried away in conversation and it gets a bit explicit (more than a bit). Tune in and listen to Nick and Jason shoot the shit about D&D, Comedy, and disgusting otherworldly things.

Enjoy the episode and please come out see this great show: ‘Dungeons & Comedy And Other Opinions.’

Featuring: Eileen Dobbins, Dustin Hagen and Jordan Makin! Your Headliner is: comedian Greg Kyte (CPA comedian extraordinaire)!

The show will be hosted by Aaron Orlovitz and Jason Harvey. Dungeon Mastered by Nicholas Don Smith.

Sandy Station
Thursday, April 21st

Jason Harvey
Twitter: jason_harvey