OUR 127: “Hal Sparks”

Sascha Blume regales Johnny Mckeon with a case of mistaken identity involving Sascha and five armed police officers.

Johnny talks about Dave Chapelle‘s recent performance in Salt Lake City’s Capitol Theatre and debates Sascha about the banning of cell phones at live events and live performances.

Later on, Johnny McKeon swings by Club 50 West for an interview with comedian and actor HAL SPARKS. Hal is an accomplished actor, comedian, director and musician! Sparks played Michael Nototny, on the hit Showtime Series “Queer as Folk,” for 83 episodes, he also appeared in Spider-Man 2. Hal talks about the ability to lose oneself in a role, the ability to juggle multiple projects, his comedic influences and directing and starring in the Disney Series, “Lab Rats”.

All this and more on Ol’ Ute Radio Episode 127!