OUR 128: “DJ Jarvicious”

Its official! EarWholeMedia.com is the official podcast network of Salt Lake Comic Con!

Sascha Blume and Johnny Mckeon start out Episode 128 talking about all things comic con. Johnny reminisces about the his comic con roots and Sascha is preparing for the chaos that will occur this weekend.

Since EarwholeMedia.com is the official podcast network of Salt Lake Comic Con, it’s fitting to interview the official DJ of Salt Lake Comic Con, DJ Jarvicious.

DJ Jarvicious is a veteran to the radio game and it reflects in his talent as a DJ.

Jarvis starts out talking about his love of music, the difference between hip-hop and rap and starting out a 16-year-old intern in radio.

The conversation shifts into the nuances of spinning, elevating the audience and recovering when things go wrong on stage.

DJ Jarvicious explains how he became the official ‘DJ,’ for Salt Lake Comic Con, his love for Disney, and how he found his flavor of geeky goodness.

All this and more on episode 128 of Ol’ Ute Radio

Check out DJ Jarvicious at the Comic Con Bash (Friday, Sept 25), Cosplay After Party (Saturday, Sept 26)


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