PEOPLE’S PODSHOW 009: “Relationships, Part 3”

A Chat with My Fellow Airmen!

For the masculine part of my four-part series dealing with relationships, I had my friends Richard and

Matt (not Frank) in the studio with me to share their opinions on what attracts them to women and how they see themselves growing with age and experience. This series has been fun to record, however, I feel like my friends are a bit more reserved than they would be if we were speaking off the record!

Another issue with this week’s Podshow is the congruity of thoughts. My military buddies and I are all single, conservative, military veterans who run in the same circles. I really wanted to get a diverse group of men that could represent a more varied outlook on the subject matter, but my guests had some very interesting viewpoints regardless.

In the next episode of this series, I will be interviewing a group of men and women to compare what was said in the previous shows and, most importantly, see if I can find a common ground when it comes to relationships between men and women. I don’t know if I have learned much that I didn’t know about the sexes in general, yet I feel as if I have learned new things about my peers and myself. I have a lot of work to do before I become the venerable leader of a healthy family.