CRE8TIVITY 102: “100% DAD”

Townsend Russel reached out to Your Cre8tivity via our Instagram account @yourcre8tivity and told us about his road trip with his family throughout the country! Dylan met up with Townsend at the little park just north of the chocolate shop. Dylan & Townsend chatted for just over an hour about the loss of a child, […]

AREA 52 084: “Mind Games”

Hypnosis is often looked at as fun weekend entertainment show. A place where audience members are convinced to quack like ducks, act ridiculous onstage by quacking like ducks or sexy dancing with a broomstick. In this episode of Area 52, we discuss the ideas: Is hypnosis just good harmless fun? Or, is hypnosis a dark […]

AREA 52 082: “Bombinos Pizza”

In August of 2003, a man named Brian Wells entered a bank in Erie, Pennsylvania with a shotgun and a bomb strapped around his neck. He claimed he had been jumped and forced to rob the bank or the bomb would go off, which it eventually did, killing Brian in the process. Years later, police […]

SOUNDCHECK 002: “Ghostowne”

Sponsored by Outlaw Distillery (Highlighted Songs are featured on the podcast.) Ghostowne – A Long Way From Graceland American Hitmen – Sound Slave Ghostowne – Pawnshop Boogie ImAlive – It’s Not Love Poonhammer – Rowdy Ghostowne – Hope It Hurts Royal Bliss – Devil with Angel Eyes Ghostowne – I Only Smoke When I […]

DROPPIN DIMES 031: “Run and Go Get It…”

On this week’s episode, we discuss all things: Russell Westbrook, NBA Free Agency, and the San Antonio Spurs!   We also theorize on humanism and Donovan Mitchell’s superstardom! Please continue the conversation here: Twitter: @DroppinDimes_ @BJohnsonABC4 @Hoopninthehive Instagram: @BrittanyReneeTV @blume_sascha @hoopninthehive  

AREA 52 081: “A Roast in The Oven”

It’s been almost a month since our last episode and a lot has happened. First up, we discuss the few details that have been released by authorities regarding the recently announced arrest that had been made in the infamous Golden State Killer rapes, murders, crimes that have gone unsolved for over 30 years! We also […]