DROPPIN DIMES 032: “Football Talk With Washington Tight Ends Coach”

Washington Huskies Tight Ends Coach Jordan PaoPao joined Droppin Dimes for episode #32. We covered everything from Pac-12 football, the NFL Draft, recruiting and reminisced on his playing days. PaoPao graduated from University of San Diego where he played football under then head coach Jim Harbaugh. We talked to PaoPao about what it was like […]

SOUNDCHECK 002: “Ghostowne”

Sponsored by Outlaw Distillery (Highlighted Songs are featured on the podcast.) http://earwholemedia.com/wp-content/audio/soundcheck/Soundcheck_Ep02.mp3 Ghostowne – A Long Way From Graceland American Hitmen – Sound Slave Ghostowne – Pawnshop Boogie ImAlive – It’s Not Love Poonhammer – Rowdy Ghostowne – Hope It Hurts Royal Bliss – Devil with Angel Eyes Ghostowne – I Only Smoke When I […]

DROPPIN DIMES 031: “Run and Go Get It…”

On this week’s episode, we discuss all things: Russell Westbrook, NBA Free Agency, and the San Antonio Spurs!   We also theorize on humanism and Donovan Mitchell’s superstardom! http://earwholemedia.com/wp-content/audio/droppin-dimes/031-droppindimes.mp3 Please continue the conversation here: Twitter: @DroppinDimes_ @BJohnsonABC4 @Hoopninthehive Instagram: @BrittanyReneeTV @blume_sascha @hoopninthehive