AREA 52 084: “Mind Games”

Hypnosis is often looked at as fun weekend entertainment show. A place where audience members are convinced to quack like ducks, act ridiculous onstage by quacking like ducks or sexy dancing with a broomstick. In this episode of Area 52, we discuss the ideas: Is hypnosis just good harmless fun? Or, is hypnosis a dark […]

SOUNDCHECK 002: “Ghostowne”

Sponsored by Outlaw Distillery (Highlighted Songs are featured on the podcast.) Ghostowne – A Long Way From Graceland American Hitmen – Sound Slave Ghostowne – Pawnshop Boogie ImAlive – It’s Not Love Poonhammer – Rowdy Ghostowne – Hope It Hurts Royal Bliss – Devil with Angel Eyes Ghostowne – I Only Smoke When I […]

DROPPIN DIMES 031: “Run and Go Get It…”

On this week’s episode, we discuss all things: Russell Westbrook, NBA Free Agency, and the San Antonio Spurs!   We also theorize on humanism and Donovan Mitchell’s superstardom! Please continue the conversation here: Twitter: @DroppinDimes_ @BJohnsonABC4 @Hoopninthehive Instagram: @BrittanyReneeTV @blume_sascha @hoopninthehive