SADCAST 016: “Clip Show”

This week on the Big Bad Sadcast, Wallace tells Amerah and Arash he is moving to China, so they decide to take a walk down memory lane. The gang remembers classic moments we all remember and that definitely happened – such as the Dragnet episode, interviews with ghosts, and all the times they went political. […]


In this episode of Droppin Dimes we discuss racism, being white and being biracial in sport. We also desperately try to figure out how many people in China own TV’s. And more importantly, we continue the discussion on why Colin Kaepernick didn’t get picked up by an NFL team. Please subscribe to Dropping Dimes on […]

AREA 52 078: “Director’s Cut”

After spending an entire episode unexpectedly discussing the fascinating documentary, “Patient Seventeen”, we were, much to our delight, surprisingly contacted by the film’s director, the super cool and incredibly knowledgeable Jeremy Corbell, who offered to come on the podcast to answer some of the questions we had and elaborate on some of the things we […]

AREA 52 077: “Valencrimes Day”

Valentine’s Day is the holiday of love! A time to spoil and focus on your significant other or celebrate and delight in your singleness! While most people associate it with hearts and roses and chocolates and romance, that’s not what we do here. This week, we wanted to explore the dark side of this annual […]