DROPPIN DIMES 026: “Vibin’ Out With Zachary Jordan”

On this week’s episode of Droppin Dimes, we were joined by artist, actor, journalist and basketball junkie Zachary Jordan.

We covered a plethora of topics during the show while vibing out to some of Jordan’s newly released music. We talked about Jordan’s days as a video coordinator for the women’s basketball team at the University of Utah, his coaching aspirations, how he got his start in music and acting, and the projects he’s currently working on.

Jordan also shared his take on the FBI/NCAA investigation, college one-and-dones, NBA Rookie of the Year, athletes taking on social issues and more.

As a die-hard Philly fan can you guess whom he is pulling for in the Rookie of the Year race?

Make sure you check out Zachary Jordan on SoundCloud, Twitter and Instagram.

Please note that this episode is for a more mature audience.