CRE8TIVITY 034: “Wizarding Dayz Returns!”

WIZARDING DAYZ RETURNS! The co-founders of the yearly event, Carrie Rogers-Whitehead  & Valerie Cameron-Walker, return to the Your Cre8tivity podcast to share details about their upcoming event! They also share that the 2nd year of any event is always the hardest! Vendors, panels, giveaways, this event has it all! SOCIAL MEDIA: Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter EVENT DETAILS: Dates: […]

AREA 52 075: “Arias 52”

In June of 2008, Travis Alexander was brutally murdered at his home in Mesa, Arizona. The only suspect in the crime was his ex-girlfriend, a woman named Jodi Arias, who at first denied any involvement, but after her story didn’t add up and undeniable evidence tying her to the scene started surfacing, she eventually confessed, […]

AREA 52 074: “Poor Sports”

No matter what sport you follow or what team you root for, when your team is down, it seems that they’re always getting screwed over by bad calls, biased refs and unfair Illuminati interference! Ok, so maybe there isn’t a secret reptilian government that controls the outcome of every game, but that doesn’t mean the […]

AREA 52 073: “Cop Outs”

We’re back! And this week, in what looks to be our final episode of the year, we update you once again on our biggest story of the year, the mass shooting in Las Vegas. We discuss allegations made in a recently released documentary called “What Happened In Vegas”, a new film that chronicles a series […]

DIRTPOD 051: “AC/DCeased”

Heeeere’s Dirtpod! A lot has happened since we last got together 4 months ago, so let’s dive in. First off, we discuss the loss of AC/DC guitarist and founding member, Malcolm Young, and the long list of bands that straight up stole AC/DC’s sound. We also look back on all the many concerts we saw […]